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Memphis Probate & Estate Planning Lawyers

Memphis Probate & Estate Planning Lawyers

We focus on issues of Probate and Estate Planning.
Our team can’t wait to help solve your legal needs.

A Small Firm That Delivers Great Results

Because of the size of our practice, we’re able to offer attentive service to each of our clients. That means you’ll never be stuck feeling like you can’t get through to the attorney who is handling your case. We’ll be there when you need us, available to offer insight into any of your questions or concerns.

And because we’re Memphis locals, we understand the concerns that we share as community members. We also deeply care about the wellbeing of our clients – and believe that a cornerstone of support for any person is fulfilled in the role of an attorney.

Legal processes can be confusing and stressful, but we want to take the stress out of the concerns that arise when faced with planning, accidents, or a loved one’s passing. By supporting our community through some of their most challenging moments, we can help each other to thrive and sustain happier, more hopeful lives.

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At Smittick Law Firm, we gear our legal practice to serve clients across Memphis and the greater Tennesee landscape through some of life’s most exciting and challenging moments. Focusing on Probate, and Estate Planning matters allows our team to provide highly-tailored services to each client. Keep reading to learn more about our practice and how an attorney at Smittick Law Firm can help you navigate your legal concerns…


If you’ve lost a loved one, estate settlement can be a challenging distraction. In these difficult times, you deserve a probate law attorney who will stand by your side so that you can focus on what you really care about.

At Smittick Law Firm, one of our probate lawyers will handle all the formalities of estate settlement so that you don’t have to. You don't have to struggle through probate alone, our experienced and compassionate team is ready to stand by you – through every step of the way.

Estate Planning Services

Estate plans often feel overwhelming at first. With so many decisions to make and legal terms that easily confuse, it’s no wonder that many people often put off getting started – but the sooner you consider estate planning, the wider your range of options will be.

An estate plan can give you the security of knowing that there’s a strategy in place for you and your family – no matter what comes your way. At Smittick Law Firm, you can have an expert craft a custom-tailored plan to meet your unique needs. Our estate planning law firm will take careful consideration of your goals and concerns to deliver a result that exceeds your expectations.

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Have You Been Named As Executor Of An Estate In Tennessee?

If you have been named as the named executor of a will or trust in Tennessee, you’ll have a number of legal obligations that must be completed to fulfill your role. If you’ve just lost a loved one, these matters can be even more challenging to address.

A probate lawyer from Smittick Law Firm is prepared to come alongside you and your family during this time to offer relief and support through probate proceedings. You don’t have to handle your legal responsibilities on your own, our firm is here for you.

Curious About How An Estate Plan Can Protect Your Family?

Some people think that estate plans are only for those who have large assets to consider – but that’s not really true. Estate plans are essential for every family. Why? Because they ensure that your efforts and wishes are protected when you’re no longer able to be there yourself.

An estate plan can include Wills, Trusts, Healthcare Directives, Elder Planning, Powers of Attorney, and more. While all of these considerations may seem overwhelming, you don’t have to worry – just call Smittick Law Firm. An estate planning attorney from our firm will custom-tailor a planning strategy that fits your family’s unique needs.

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Why Choose Us

Our firm in Memphis, TN, has been a resource to those seeking assistance for matters of Probate and Estate Planning for years.

We’re ready to do the work it takes to find strategies and solutions that will meet your needs. We understand that no one wants to get stuck managing legal issues. Our goal is to relieve the burden of handling disputes, executing settlements, and future planning – so that you can get back to focusing on what you really care about.

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